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Ticket Prices

  • Award shortlisted individuals receive one free ticket and an opportunity to purchase one additional ticket at the concession price of £75 (incl. VAT); any further tickets will be at the full price of £150.00 + VAT

  • £75 (incl. VAT) for one partner/guest of a judge; any further tickets will be at the full price of £150.00 + VAT

  • Individual ticket prices for non-guild members and non shortlisted individuals will be charged at £150.00 plus VAT

  • Tables of 10 will be £1,500 + VAT

Special discounted prices apply to Guild Members who can reserve their place by logging in to the Members private area (see box at bottom right hand side of this page), and completing the small application form found under the RESOURCES tab on the menu.

Please be aware that there are limitations on seating and, once purchased, there will be no refunds.

If you find yourself later to be the lucky one that has been invited as a guest of some benefactor we cannot give you your money back.

How to Pay

Pay directly via PayPal using the form below.

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  • I understand that the price per person is
    ... £150 + VAT for an un-associated non-Guild member
    ... £75 (incl. VAT) for the first guest of a shortlisted individual
    ... £150 + VAT for the 2nd and subsequent guest of a shortlisted individual
    ... £75 (incl. VAT) for the first partner/guest of a judge

  • I accept that any attempt to falsely claim the discounted ticket price will result in forfeit of the fee and non-attendance at the Awards ceremony

Refund Policy:
The UK Picture Editors Guild (UKPEG) Awards Competition will only refund if the competition will not be held due to legal prohibition, venue revocation, sponsorship withdrawal, or acts of God such as weather emergencies. The UKPEG does not provide refunds for competitions not held because of insufficient entries or judges, lack of organizational participation or other reasons. A request to cancel the competition and a request for refund along with justification must be made to the UKPEG Chairman at in writing prior to the listed competition date.

Retroactive cancellations are not eligible for refunds. Members of The UKPEG may request a postponement of the competition by contacting the Chairman prior to the listed competition date to request a date change rather than a cancellation. Abuse of this policy through repeated or excessive cancellations may result in refunds being denied, partial refunds being offered to offset transaction costs, or denial of future attendance at the discretion of the Chairman and Treasurer.

Adopted 18/11/2015; amended 18/11/2015

Alternatively, send a cheque made payable to the Picture Editors' Guild Awards for the full amount to:

Lois Beaumont
Entire Affair
Audit House
260 Field End Road
HA4 9LT.

Please don't forget to include a return address and contact details.

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