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LIGHTS, CAMERA, AWARDS - Launch of the 2014 Picture Editor Guild Awards

The search to find Britain's most talented photographers has today launched, with the return of the annual Picture Editor Guild Awards, which will take place in London on 5th February 2015, at the Honourable Artillery Company Headquarters.

Professional and amateur photographers can now submit entries to compete for the most coveted awards in the industry via this website. It also includes the Citizen Photographer category, open to the public and for professionals the chance to become the Nikon Press Photographer of the Year

The Picture Editor Guild Awards recognise outstanding photography from the world of news, royalty, sport, business, fashion and entertainment. Winners will receive prizes from headline sponsors including Nikon, Bloomberg, BT, British Airways, Fixation and Getty Images.

"The Picture Editor Guild Awards are the only of their kind to recognise and honour the talented professionals behind the lens, operating in the most dynamic and competitive media in the world."

The UK Picture Editors Guild is delighted to announce that Jane Sherwood has agreed to be the Chair of the Judges for this years UK Picture Editors Guild Awards.

'With the support of her fellow judges this year awards are in safe hands' said chairman of the Guild Alan Sparrow

Jane said that she was 'delighted' to be given the opportunity to take control of this years judging process and has chosen an experienced team of Fleet Street hands to assist in the process.


The 2014 Picture Editor Guild Award categories are:

  • Bloomberg Business Photographer of the Year
  • Christie's Arts and Entertainment Photographer of the Year
  • Fixation Young Photographer Bursary
  • Getty Royal Photographer of the Year
  • Genesis Imaging Regional Photographer of the Year
  • BT Sports Photographer of the Year
  • Nikon Videographer of the Year
  • News Photographer of the Year
  • Photo Essay of the Year

And from these categories we find the

  • Nikon Photographer of the Year

We also have the

  • Citizen Photographer of the Year - for members of the public to show off their photography skills

All entries are judged by working picture editors from national, regional and international publications, as well as photography agencies, who view tens of thousands of photos every day.

Entry to submit photos to the Picture Guild Awards has a £20 charge but is free for the BT Citizen Photographer and Nikon Videographer categories. Images must have been taken between July 17th, 2013 and July 16, 2014. Final submission for entries is November 1, 2014 for still photography and videos.

British Airways

UK Picture Editors Guild Chairman's Award

The UK Picture Editors Awards are delighted to announce that British Airways will sponsor this years Chairman's Award.

The Award is given by the UK Picture Editors Guild to someone who has made a contribution to our industry that makes them stand out in a crowd of very talented people.

Previous recipients have been

2010 Phil Coburn, photographer for the Sunday Mirror.

Phil lost his legs whilst on assignment for the Sunday Mirror in Afghanistan,Phil's colleague writer Rupert Hamer sadly lost his life in the explosion.

Phils determination to overcome adversity has seen Phil return to work at the Sunday Mirror as a photographer and continue to bring his skill to a variety of assignments for the Sunday Mirror.

2011 Horst Faas (1933-2012),AP picture editor and photographer.

Legendary photographer and picture editor Horst Faas was a passionate and enthusiastic member of the UK Picture Editors Guild. His career spread over many years and three decades were spent in war zones around the world such as Bangladesh and Vietnam.

In two thousand and twelve at our expanded awards that paid tribute to the London Olympic Games we chose to honour two people with the Chairman's award:

2012 Joan Sisley, Picture Editor.

Joan Sisley began her career at the Kentish Times and has had a pioneering career.Joan was the first woman to join the Guild. Joan working in publice relations was one of the first to appreciated and promote the visual image within public relations.

Joan led the way at the Post Office and was one of the first women executives at BT where she set up a picture department and was recognized by the Institute of Public Relations for her innovative use of photography in PR.

2012 Kent Gavin, Photographer.

Kent Gavin was recognized by the Guild for his lifetimes work with the Daily Mirror.

Seven times Royal Photographer of the Year and twice Royal Photographer of the Decade are amongst the awards that have been given to Kent . HIs cabinet boast an impressive 143 photography trophies.Kent has travelled the world producing exclusive images for the Daily Mirror none more spectacular than his images of the seal hunt in Canada that led to a nationwide campaign to stop the slaughter

2013 Paul Delmar, photographer, teacher.

Working for nearly twenty years as a press photographer Paul travelled the world on assignment for the Dudley Herald and the Birmingham Post and Mail until he found a greater calling in 1979 when he became a lecturer at Norton College in Sheffield.Many of those who ply their trade today in our industry were students of this great educator and owe thanks to him.

For more details on the past winners, please visit our Chairman's award page.

FIXATION professional photographic services

Fixation Young Photographer Bursary

Last year David Hedges won the Fixation Young Photographer Bursary at the 2013 UK Picture Editor's Guild award. His prize was £500 and a return air ticket to use on a photo essay of his choice.

His story documents a few days in the life of an American couple who adopted eight children from Sierra Leone.

Read more and see his photo essay here

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